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XVII Mendeleev Congress on General and Applied Chemistry, Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia, 21–26 September 2003

I. P. Beletskaya and A. D. Averin
Palladium-catalyzed arylation of linear and cyclic polyamines
2004, Vol. 76, Issue 9, pp. 1605-1619 [Details + Abstract] [Full text - pdf 349 kB]
V. N. Charushin and O. N. Chupakhin
SNH methodology and new approaches to condensed heterocyclic systems
2004, Vol. 76, Issue 9, pp. 1621-1631 [Details + Abstract] [Full text - pdf 316 kB]
O. A. Gerasko, M. N. Sokolov and V. P. Fedin
Mono- and polynuclear aqua complexes and cucurbit[6]uril: Versatile building blocks for supramolecular chemistry
2004, Vol. 76, Issue 9, pp. 1633-1646 [Details + Abstract] [Full text - pdf 528 kB]
I. I. Ivanova, A. S. Kuznetsov, V. V. Yuschenko and E. E. Knyazeva
Design of composite micro/mesoporous molecular sieve catalysts
2004, Vol. 76, Issue 9, pp. 1647-1657 [Details + Abstract] [Full text - pdf 237 kB]
V. A. Kabanov
From synthetic polyelectrolytes to polymer-subunit vaccines
2004, Vol. 76, Issue 9, pp. 1659-1677 [Details + Abstract] [Full text - pdf 506 kB]
E. N. Kablov and N. V. Petrushin
Physicochemical and technological features of creating metal-based high-superalloys
2004, Vol. 76, Issue 9, pp. 1679-1689 [Details + Abstract] [Full text - pdf 269 kB]
N. N. Makhova, I. V. Ovchinnikov, A. S. Kulikov, S. I. Molotov and E. L. Baryshnikova
Monocyclic and cascade rearrangements of furoxans
2004, Vol. 76, Issue 9, pp. 1691-1703 [Details + Abstract] [Full text - pdf 308 kB]
N. E. Nifantiev, A. A. Sherman, O. N. Yudina, P. E. Cheshev, Y. E. Tsvetkov, E. A. Khatuntseva, A. V. Kornilov and A. S. Shashkov
New schemes for the synthesis of glycolipid oligosaccharide chains
2004, Vol. 76, Issue 9, pp. 1705-1714 [Details + Abstract] [Full text - pdf 326 kB]
Yu. Ts. Oganessian
Superheavy elements
2004, Vol. 76, Issue 9, pp. 1715-1734 [Details + Abstract] [Full text - pdf 596 kB]
A. Y. Rozovskii, E. V. Slivinskii, G. I. Lin, V. A. Makhlin, Y. A. Kolbanovsky and N. A. Platé
Ecologically benign motor fuels and petrochemicals from alternative raw materials
2004, Vol. 76, Issue 9, pp. 1735-1747 [Details + Abstract] [Full text - pdf 236 kB]
Yu. D. Tretyakov and E. A. Goodilin
Fundamental chemical features of complex manganites and cuprates for advanced functional materials engineering
2004, Vol. 76, Issue 9, pp. 1749-1768 [Details + Abstract] [Full text - pdf 1419 kB]
M. V. Tsodikov, V. Ya. Kugel, F. A. Yandieva, V. P. Mordovin, A. E. Gekhman and I. I. Moiseev
Stoichiometric and catalytic CO2 reductions involving TiFe-containing intermetallic hydrides
2004, Vol. 76, Issue 9, pp. 1769-1779 [Details + Abstract] [Full text - pdf 245 kB]
S. D. Varfolomeyev, T. K. Aliev and E. N. Efremenko
Postgenomic chemistry: New problems and challenges
2004, Vol. 76, Issue 9, pp. 1781-1798 [Details + Abstract] [Full text - pdf 282 kB]