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21st International Conference on Physical Organic Chemistry (ICPOC-21), Durham, UK, 9–13 September 2012

This conference is part of the Physical Organic Chemistry series.
Ian H. Williams
2013, Vol. 85, Issue 10, pp. iv [Details] [Full text - pdf 94 kB]
Jordi Burés, Alan Armstrong and Donna G. Blackmond
The interplay of thermodynamics and kinetics in dictating organocatalytic reactivity and selectivity
2013, Vol. 85, Issue 10, pp. 1919-1934 [Details + Abstract] [Full text - pdf 1238 kB]
Niusha Mahmoodi, Qi Qian, Louis Y. P. Luk and Martin E. Tanner
Rearrangements in the mechanisms of the indole alkaloid prenyltransferases
2013, Vol. 85, Issue 10, pp. 1935-1948 [Details + Abstract] [Full text - pdf 956 kB]
Ryan P. Pemberton, Young J. Hong and Dean J. Tantillo
Inherent dynamical preferences in carbocation rearrangements leading to terpene natural products
2013, Vol. 85, Issue 10, pp. 1949-1957 [Details + Abstract] [Full text - pdf 445 kB]
Brian K. Ohta
The structure of halonium ions in superacidic solutions
2013, Vol. 85, Issue 10, pp. 1959-1965 [Details + Abstract] [Full text - pdf 274 kB]
Hiromitsu Maeda and Yuya Bando
Recent progress in research on stimuli-responsive circularly polarized luminescence based on π-conjugated molecules
2013, Vol. 85, Issue 10, pp. 1967-1978 [Details + Abstract] [Full text - pdf 934 kB]
Hon Man Yau, Sinead T. Keaveney, Bradley J. Butler, Eden E. L. Tanner, Max S. Guerry, Stephen R. D. George, Michelle H. Dunn, Anna K. Croft and Jason B. Harper
Towards solvent-controlled reactivity in ionic liquids
2013, Vol. 85, Issue 10, pp. 1979-1990 [Details + Abstract] [Full text - pdf 476 kB]
Izumi Iwakura, Atsushi Yabushita, Jun Liu, Kotaro Okamura, Satoko Kezuka and Takayoshi Kobayashi
A new reaction mechanism of Claisen rearrangement induced by few-optical-cycle pulses: Demonstration of nonthermal chemistry by femtosecond vibrational spectroscopy
2013, Vol. 85, Issue 10, pp. 1991-2004 [Details + Abstract] [Full text - pdf 913 kB]