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Pure Appl. Chem., 2013, Vol. 85, No. 1, pp. 15-26

Published online 2012-12-13

Interactions between charged surfaces mediated by molecules with spatially distributed charges

Klemen Bohinc

Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Ljubljana, Zdravstvena 5, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Abstract: A short review of recent theoretical advances in studies of the interaction between highly charged systems is presented. Such a system could not be described by the mean field theory. More advanced methods have to be used in order to introduce the correlations between highly charged particles. In this work I focus on the system of highly charged surfaces, separated by a solution of molecules with spatially distributed charge. Two different representations of the molecular shape will be considered: rod-like and spherical. The system will be theoretically described by the density functional theory. For sufficiently long molecules and large surface charge densities, an attractive force between like-charged surfaces arises due to the spatially distributed charges within the molecules. The added salt has influence on the condition for the attractive force between like-charged surfaces. The theoretical results will be compared with Monte Carlo (MC) simulations. Recent measurements with multivalent rigid rod-like particles will be discussed.