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Pure Appl. Chem., 2012, Vol. 84, No. 2, pp. 269-280

Published online 2012-01-17

Metallomic study of selenium biomolecules metabolized by the microalgae Chlorella sorkiniana in the biotechnological production of functional foods enriched in selenium

Veronica Gómez-Jacinto1,2,3, Tamara García-Barrera1,2,3*, Ines Garbayo4,2, Carlos Vílchez4,2 and José Luis Gómez-Ariza1,2,3*

1 Campus of Excellence CIA3, University of Huelva, Spain
2 Department of Chemistry and Material Science, Faculty of Experimental Science, University of Huelva, 21007-Huelva, Spain
3 Research Center of Health and Environment (CYSMA), University of Huelva, Spain
4 Biotechnology of Algae Group, International Centre for Environmental Research (CIECEM), Parque Dunar S/N, Matalascañas, Almonte, 21760-Huelva, Spain

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