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Pure Appl. Chem., 2011, Vol. 83, No. 4, pp. 801-811

Published online 2010-12-15

Production and quenching of reactive oxygen species by pterin derivatives, an intriguing class of biomolecules

Esther Oliveros1*, Maria Laura Dántola2, Mariana Vignoni2, Andrés H. Thomas2 and Carolina Lorente2*

1 IMRCP Laboratory, UMR CNRS/UPS 5623, Paul Sabatier University (Toulouse III), 118 route de Narbonne, F-31062 Toulouse cédex 9, France
2 INIFTA, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Sciences, National University of La Plata, -CCT La Plata-CONICET, Casilla de Correo 16, Sucursal 4, (1900) La Plata, Argentina