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Pure Appl. Chem., 2009, Vol. 81, No. 7, pp. 1297-1311

Published online 2009-06-29

Influence of polydentate ligands in the structure of dinuclear vanadium compounds

Fernando Avecilla1*, Pedro Adão2, Isabel Correia2 and João Costa Pessoa2*

1 Departamento de Química Fundamental, Universidade da Coruña, Campus da Zapateira s/n, 15071, A Coruña, Spain
2 Centro de Química Estrutural, Instituto Superior Técnico, TU Lisbon, Av. Rovisco Pais, 1049-001, Lisbon, Portugal

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Pedro Adão, Mannar R. Maurya, Umesh Kumar, Fernando Avecilla, Rui T. Henriques, Maxim L. Kusnetsov, João Costa Pessoa and Isabel Correia
Vanadium-salen and -salan complexes: Characterization and application in oxygen-transfer reactions
2009, Vol. 81, Issue 7, pp. 1279-1296 [Details + Abstract] [Full text - pdf 756 kB]